Brafa Art Fair 2014 in Brussels

Quiver in the composition of Brussels, Saturday, January 25 will in fact start the BRAFA Art Fair . The fifty-ninth edition of the international art fair that will focus in the Belgian capital until February 2, 2014, well 131 professionals from Canada, the USA and many European countries, among them Italy. Many masterpieces of antiquity and contemporary works that will be exhibited in the halls of the Tour & Taxis , a jewel of the early twentieth century Belgian industrial decorated for the occasion by Nicolas de Liedekerke and Daniel Culot the Volume Architecturein Brussels. The guest of honor in this 2014, the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren , founded in 1898, one of the most important European institutions on the African continent.
Several specializations represented by Art Oceanic Tribal to that in the East, without forgetting the silverware and vintage Bijoux, the furniture, the ceramics, the Photograph, and even the Numismatic for a festival characterized, in the words of Harlod t’Kint de Roodenbeke , President of the Foire des Antiquaires de Belgique and a member of the committee that examined the proposals of the participants

Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Berlin is a living monument to the horror, but also one of the places par excellence in which to exercise the memory. In the capital of the third Reicht, a witness to the ferocity of a deadly ideology there is a corner to be discovered with the approach of the Day of Memory: Holocaust Memorial . Almost completely razed to the ground and engraved with the stigmata of an injury called wall and scanned through a painful division of barbed wire and checkpoints in the dichotomy pro-Western (West Germany) and pro-Soviet (East Germany) that characterized Manichaeism in the world, the city retains carved into smooth blocks, a coldness disarming, the discouragement of all humanity.
between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz, is the Denkmal für die Juden Europas ermordeten en Allemagne , the place that perpetuates the commemoration of the existence of the Jewish victims exterminated by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Built with a budget of around 26 million Euros by the American architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold reproduces the structure of a field covering an area of 19,073 m2, on which rise 2,711 stems of cement arranged to form a grid stuffy.

It is these gray blocks, smooth and devoid of personality, 2.42 m long, 0.95 wide me of variable height, 0 à 4,7 m, to produce an unpleasant atmosphere.They stand as elements of an icy labyrinth of death, reproducing the halo sad tombs, arranged mechanically in a hyper trophic system, which seems to have lost all contact with human dignity, while below lies the “Market Information” with the names of all the Jews who lost their lives, reviewed by the Israeli museum Yad Vashem.

The two twins paintings at the National Gallery in London

Among the most recognizable and well-known Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890), the Sunflowers are a series of oil paintings on canvas made ​​between 1888 and 1889. In a letter to Theo, Van Gogh wrote:

“I am painting with the enthusiasm of a Marseilles eating bouillabaisse, which will not be surprised if I told you that I’m dedicating myself to some sunflowers.If I carry out this idea it will be a dozen paintings. The whole work is a symphony of yellow and blue “

The artist had an approach so to speak ‘sculptural’ with the painting, since extended the color with brush strokes and thick rough, and when the pigments were still damp, often united them together. Sometimes even scratched the surface of fresh using the handle of the brush, and this creates a play of light and shadows on the work itself. The various paintings made by the artist show sunflowers in all stages of bloom from bud withering, and are kept in several museums

Moscow Living Art

Underlying all nondescript suburbs to which the Russian soul and give new breath, the inspiration behind artistic initiative Living Art, aimed at building a residential complex original and colorful, that has a lot of Italian. It ‘was in fact designed by Dante Oscar Bellini and will be painted by the artist Mario Milanese Arlati . A set of high-rise buildings are very different from the others that will give life to a work by the Guinness Book of World Records . It will be a matter of the greatest artistic creation of the living world that will be conducted by one of the largest construction companies in Russia.
Because it is an ‘area of 10 hectares on the outskirts of Moscow , which will raise the five buildings over 100 meters. in height , built with great attention to cost containment and cheerfulness of the colors that will play facades and interiors, for which delivery is scheduled for 2016.

Portugal, sold the treasure of Miro

The news goes back to last December but is raising many rumors these days. Some time ago the Portuguese Government had come into possession of a veritable treasure of art , 85 works of the Catalan painter Joan Miró , acquired after nationalization, to avert the bankruptcy of Banco Portugues de Negocios - BPN during the crisis global banking in 2008.
Last month, Christie’s announced that it has been entrusted with the sale on behalf of the Portuguese government and have added lots in a series of auctions dedicated to Surrealism, which will take place in early February 2014. At a time of difficulty, the 85 works could fetch the government to Lisbon about 30 million euro, but the protests for sale are now being felt. That a state can waive its duty to protect, conserve and display of the true masterpieces of a recognized master at international level? You may desire to make money by denying citizens the right to be able to enjoy cotale treasure?Especially since the collection - put together by a private individual, is fairly representative of the work of Miro, with a wide range of materials and techniques, and contain real masterpieceas Femmes et oiseaux (Woman and Bird, 1968, estimated between 5 and € 8 million) andPeinture.

A monumental oil on canvas, 1953 estimated at between 3.5 and 4.5 million Euros (pictured above ). The collection belongs to Portugal covers seventy years of career of Joan Miro. The relationship with music and poetry, the hallucinations induced by starvation during the early years in Paris, 6 out of the 27 paintings on masonite made ​​during the summer of 1936 at the height of the Spanish Civil War, but also sketches made ​​by accident.

Photographs by Aldo Fallai in Florence for aesthetics Made in Italy

The combination of photography and fashion is proposed to the public. This time the wait is for the exhibition of Aldo Fallai in Florence in the historical Villa Bardini , where he has just finished the exhibition Renaissance from Florence to Paris. The monograph from January 10 to March 10, 2014 celebrates one of the most famous fashion photographers in the world that has been able to spread the image of increasingly refined made ​​in Italy in the world of art and fashion. On display will be about 200 shots in his career, including large format made ​​from 1978-2013 preferring those in black and nero.

Oltre to photos of fashion even those advertising campaigns, common people, friends and studies on the topic. For a Florentine Fallai as the photograph can not but take into account the lessons of the art of the sixteenth century, whose influence is perceptible in both style and the purpose of his research, which focuses more on the body and the human subject. Aldo Fallai. From Giorgio Armani to the Renaissance is the title chosen for this exhibition that combines even more two fields of Italian excellence.

The Art of the Nativity

The bell tower of the Basilica del Carmine is already apparent from the port of Naples . Along the large street that runs alongside the district of Sant ‘Erasmo it is possible to come across that square, a major shopping center Anjou, made ​​famous by the Fountain of the Dolphins from which Masaniello harangued the crowd and now housed at the main square of the town of Cerreto Sannita who purchased it in 1812. near Right there, in the great Basilica Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Carmine Maggiore we discovered one of the most evocative of the old cribs Naples. A collection to be admired, not to mention the recent events involving the famous crib Caserta .

The crypt of the Sanctuary is home to a few years in fact a Neapolitan crib style 700, donated by Dr. Carmine Perasole in memory of his late mother. The sacred representation consists of three distinct but inter-connected frameworks through a landscape and luminous presents four scenes typical of the Nativity of the time

Merry Christmas from Banksy: The Christmas Card (2005)

Also this year has returned a viral Christmas Card attributed to Banksy (no matter whether it is really her or not, at this point:  the “mark” shows that the operation of large artist street is perfectly successful).

In the world of mainstream journalism in many describe it as Christmas card of 2013, arguing that circles the net for a few days. But it is not so: the icon graphic image is known (at least) since 2005. According to the Independent work was purchased by Robbie Williams for 30 thousand pounds, just in 2005. It represents a revision (probably Banksy, in fact) of a biblical episode of the New Testament: the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, which is interrupted and prevented by a wall. The wall, for the record, is not an invention of the artist, but it is the one erected by Israel to isolate the Palestinian territories of the West Bank. Of course there was two thousand years ago, but there is now. And the artist carries religious themes to the present day, with the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian issue (actually a topic very dear to Banksy).

Every year since 2005, the image becomes viral on time. And sure enough someone says it’s Christmas card this year Banksy.

Art Card by Sabrina Falzone

The long-awaited inauguration tomorrow (Friday, January 10 from 18 to 20) will open the dances of a high rate in 2014 at the Art Museum Area Sabrina Falzone , in the Magenta. The opportunity to present a fine collection of curious works on paper, made ​​by a group of international artists and collections side by side in the group ”Art Card” , which will be visible along the space of one month until 10 February 2014.
A ‘exhibition devoted to an artistic medium that reflects many prejudices in order to re-evaluate the absolute value of a material historical, cultural and traditional, in the center of the exhibition that will take place in Europe and Miro rooms , decorated for the occasion by informal works of Isa Di Baptist and Ilaria Bernardi, bearers of a particular vision of recycling features with large expressive intensity, exhibited alongside the original work of Mirella Rossomando, suggestive interpretations of reality immortalized in the drawings Natali Silvio and Bruno Carati and curious in search of internalized F . Sandri, who competes in disturbing spontaneity with Rosalba Ruzzier hand, and with the subtle investigations of the inner self of Sergio Cartasso, ending with Claudia Emanuela Coppola, who also animates the paper.

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